A Whole Kitchen in One Weekend

Yep.  We did it.  We built a WHOLE kitchen in just 2 1/2 days.  Well, maybe it was a tiny kitchen, but hey, let’s not get picky.

Before….a lowly bookshelf…:)

After....a breathtaking state-of-the-art kitchen for people under 36 inches. (Faucet not shown)

After visiting my Mom and Dad over Thanksgiving and watching Anna Beth enjoy the little kitchen there, we decided to give Anna a kitchen for Christmas.  And well, my Mom just loves Pinterest and all the ideas she gets there, which is where the “make your own kitchen” idea came from.  We looked in our attic at a couple of pieces of furniture I had collected at garage sales over the years but no longer use and decided the bookshelf would be the piece to make all our dreams come true.

Almost everything we used we had “on hand”, thanks to my mother and grandfather who save everything because they “might need that one day”, along with a few things we happened to have.  The only things we had to buy were the wooden cabinet doors, a few L-brackets, and two Plexigas pieces.  Best we can figure, we invested a whopping $14 in this project.   Working with what we had made for a fun challenge and a unique gift.

We turned the bookshelf sideways and removed one of the shelves.  The remaining shelf became the right side of the “refrigerator.”  The new shelves and doors were made from old wooden cabinet doors found by my professional garage sale shopper mom (25 doors for $10!).

The shelves are done.

We used old ceramic cabinet door knobs for the stove knobs: we drilled holes for the knob screws to go in, then put a little hot glue in each hole to secure them.  The knobs were left loose on purpose so they turn.  We also had ceramic coasters for stove burners (hot glued).   The oven door just has a rectangle cut out with a piece of Plexiglas from Lowe’s hot glued to the back of the opening.

The window is a piece of Plexiglas with some flat trim and dowel rods attached for framing.  It has a paperclip hot glued to the back that serves as a hanger as well as a way to clip whatever picture you want to use as “the view” from the kitchen.

The sink was a bowl from a previous cheap kitchen set that fell apart.  The faucet came off an old sink we had stored behind the barn.  We spray painted it and glued it inside a block to raise it high enough to was dishes (a girl has got to have room to wash her big pots, right?).

The side bar/table is a great place to “serve a meal,” but it’s real function is to keep the bookshelf (now kitchen) from tipping forward.

The extras:  Attached a basket inside the fridge.  Attached a hook on the side for hanging aprons.  Mom sewed a valance and curtain for under the sink.  The valance is attached to dowel rod and hung on cup hooks.  The curtain under the sink attaches to a dowel rod with clippy-things mom had in her craft box.  The dowel hangs on cup hooks.  Mom sewed a cover for her chair.

Hang your aprons.

Inspection & approval.

Daddy being served in the new kitchen.

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