Crazy God Part 1: Introduction

God has recently proven unpredictable in our lives.

He is defiant.

He is untamed.

He is crazy.

In a great way.

My wife Laura and I have welcomed the adventure of following God since we were young.

God has led us from wonderful church to wonderful church, blessed us financially, and His actions have always been in line with our idea of Who He is.

Until He did what He did.


In the spring of 2009, He started something that changed our lives.

So much happened.

So much to say.

To explain.

But the elephant-size of the whole story didn’t fit well into a short series of blog posts.

So I left out a lot.

I left out some of the stories (some of the best!), and I didn’t justify all the things we claim God asked us to do. I hope to include those in later blogs.

We chose to stick to the main plot.

Eating an elephant is best accomplished one bite at a time. This series of blog posts is just that…an attempt to feed you, in little bites, the story of our last 5 years.

Some pieces of the story may be unbelievable and hard to swallow, but they are true.

Some points you may choke on.

Some will taste familiar.

Some will make you hungry for more.

And I hope all will serve up a story of a crazy God Who has tough love, teaches thoroughly, and provides miraculously.


So, sit back, enjoy, and have a bite of elephant.


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