Crazy God Part 10: Same Song, Second Verse

The fall of 2012, we left Nana’s feeling better.

We had conceded to waiting, whatever the cost.

God met us with more provision. He provided a chunk of money for homeschooling books, late bills, another appointment with the midwife, and regular money for groceries. Baby shower gifts paid for more midwife expenses, birth supplies, and a few surprise bills. And our midwife offered her services regardless of when we could pay. Yeah!

In other news, things were changing on our housing situation.

The Sikes still hadn’t sold their house and prayerfully decided to stop trying.

Ryan felt that the Lord had released him from paying more house notes. And we were glad for him! Seriously.

But now, no one was trying to buy the house and no one was paying the house notes.

We prayed about what to do next.

We talked about putting a “for sale” sign in the yard, but God wouldn’t concede to it.

So, we waited.

And God began another provision of His.

In less than a week, the Flemings, friends of our neighbors, asked to see the house. They loved the place and came back for a second viewing when Laura was 40 weeks and one day pregnant. She invited them that afternoon because she felt like there may be baby-happenings that night.

She was right.

FunderBaby #5 made his grand entrance in the wee hours of morning the next day. The birth went so quickly that the midwife arrived just 2 minutes before he did.


Unfortunately, the new baby boy repeated our firstborn’s infancy…he cried a lot. Most of the time.

Crying baby.

Little sleep.

Here we go again.

And, with no one paying the house notes, they started to pile up again.

What was God going to do this time?


By December, we were four months late on our notes.

And we all know what happens next!

Let’s say it together…


So it was foreclosure party time again, folks.

However, this foreclosure had a soundtrack of a crying newborn and the added drama of sleepless night. But we also had the great advantage experience brings – we were able to rest more in the provision we knew would be coming.

Again, we asked that God would not foreclose.

This foreclosure story had another different twist. In the first foreclosure, we didn’t accept any of the bank’s offers to help avoid foreclosure, such as a short sale or “deed in lieu of foreclosure.”

We didn’t feel like God wanted that.

But He had a different approach this time.

I felt like God wanted us to fill out the paperwork for the foreclosure aid the bank offered. We researched the options and applied for “deed in lieu of foreclosure.” With this option, we would deed the property back to the bank with less or no penalty. We were approved and given a deadline by which to accept.

The Flemings were very interested in our house but didn’t know if they could commit to buying it yet. We put off answering the bank about the “deed in lieu,” hoping the Flemings would commit to buying the house, we could pay to end foreclosure, and sell the house to them.

Pay to end foreclosure? We had no money!

Enter: GuideStone.

GuideStone handled our retirement plan when we were at HeartLand.

One day during the foreclosure, I looked down in the trashcan and saw an envelope with “GuideStone” on it.

Hmmm. I forgot about retirement money.

I guess we have some?


You would think a person in poverty would remember such a possible source of money, but we didn’t. Maybe God had something to do with that?

Seeing the company name, something in my spirit said, “Remember that.”

I didn’t tell Laura and asked God to let me know if GuideStone had any part to play in our situation.


We waited on the Flemings until the deadline day.

They still couldn’t commit.

We had to give the bank our answer: “deed in lieu” or proceed with foreclosure.

I had prayed for days asking God which we should choose. The DAY OF THE DEALINE, He finally answered:

“It doesn’t matter which you choose.”


What kind of direction is that?

I need to know which to choose!

“It doesn’t matter which you choose” was the emphatic answer.

Then I realized God was saying He would accomplish His purpose with either option.

It didn’t matter which we chose.

Our crazy God blows my mind again!

Looking at our options, proceeding with foreclosure gave us a little more time to sell. “Deed in lieu” did not.

So, we declined “deed in lieu”.

No safety net now.

Foreclosure was coming.



The scene was ripe with anticipation.

God was like a Father, sitting near, grinning maybe, knowing the grand resolution He has in store, speaking enough to keep us on course but not so much as to give away the surprise ending.

The Flemings called and committed to buy…


They had to sell their house first.


Not again!

We kept watching to see what God was going to do.


In the meantime, one day Laura casually mentioned, “Hey, Davy, don’t we have retirement money put away somewhere? I forgot about that.” Funny she would remember that then. We prayed, and God showed us that our retirement money through GuideStone was His provision to stop foreclosure when it was time.

Brett’s house was on the market for several weeks with no buyers.

No nibbles.

I told Brett we now had money available to stop foreclosure if he got a serious buyer. He told me, “I would have to get a buyer to sign a contract this week for the sale to go through before foreclosure.”


Do you know how many times we’ve needed something to happen “this week” in the last few years and it didn’t?

But God loves this stuff.

He loves last minute.

He’s crazy.

Brett called me just a few days later, “I have someone who is seriously interested.”

We were amazed.

Thankful and amazed.

Prayerfully, we withdrew the money from GuideStone and waited to see if Brett’s buyer would continue.

He did.

The buyer signed a contract with Brett, and we paid to end foreclosure.


God had stopped foreclosure AGAIN.

That crazy, unchallengeable Father of ours had rescued us again.


Now, we needed Him to protect Brett’s house sale so we could sell ours.


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