Crazy God Part 3: Seeing Vision

Where there is faith.

Those were God’s buzz words for the spring of 2009.

He slowly began setting us up to learn what they meant.

With the answer to our question fresh on our minds, Laura and I began reading the Bible together…not trying to meet the “Christian to-do list” standards of the day, but just reading.  No attempting to draw lofty, super-spiritual inspiration from it, but just reading.

Reading. What. It. Said.

In big chunks.

I fell in love with the Bible again.

In Paul’s letter to the Romans, God gave us more understanding of following the Spirit rather than the flesh.  We saw again the beauty of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and wanted to share it.

In the book of Acts, God began to increase our already whet appetite for a simpler church life.   God gave us a release to dream about the church being a group of believers who know one another and pray for and teach one another, without too much organization or hoopla…a release to envision a group of believers who worship together and eat together and meet together simply, even in houses.

Who simply encourage one another to stay in the faith.

Like in Acts.

God also continued to build upon the value of me working with and ministering with my boys as they grew older. He instilled in me a strong desire to have them by my side in whatever God asked us to do.

God was giving our family a vision – a dreaming of what could be. A vision for a simpler church like in Acts. A vision for sharing the simple story of Christ. A vision to work and serve God together.


But what do we DO with all this vision?


We didn’t know there would be years of crazy lessons before we were ready for the answer. And the first step was closer than we thought.


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