Crazy God EXTRA: The Secret Checklist

Here is a story from our last 5 years that couldn’t fit in The Crazy God Story blog series…


November 2011, just after we shut down FunderFarm and began learning to “seek ye first”…


We decided to visit Laura’s parents in south Louisiana for Thanksgiving, BUT we could only visit if God provided what we needed to go:

We needed $90 in gas to get there.

We needed cat food (for cats who usually ate table-scraps, but since we wouldn’t be home…)

We were overdue in paying our car insurance so needed several hundred for that.

And, as a cherry on top, we asked for a little fruit for the trip, too. What the heck.

One Monday, we decided leaving on Thursday would be good.

So, we prayed, didn’t tell anyone, and waited.

By Tuesday morning we had $87 in the bank. We needed $3 to round out the gas money. That morning at piano lessons, one of my student’s mother bought a dozen of our eggs…$3.

Gas money: check.

Then I discovered an air leak in one of the van tires.

Well, there goes some of the gas money.

Gas money: uncheck.

Tuesday afternoon, a tire fellow fixed our tire. For free.

Gas money: check.

On the way home from the tire place, Laura remembered our friend Tanya was moving and giving away their cats. When we called to see if they had extra cat food, Tanya laughed, “I only needed a little cat food, but the Dollar Store only had a huge bag. I wondered what in the world I was going to do with that much cat food!”

Gas: check

Fixed flat: check

Cat food: check

Now all we lacked was a little fruit and the sizable car insurance bill.

But God wasn’t finished.

Tuesday night, I was very perplexed as to why God had not paid the car insurance. Weren’t we to obey the law of mandatory insurance?

Wednesday, we packed.

That night, as we prepped to leave the next morning, we heard a knock at the door. We welcomed our neighbors and friends, Doug and Sandra and their two daughters.

As usual when they came to visit, they came bearing a gift. It was usually a leftover dessert that was “too rich” (what does that mean?) or some other foolishness.

This time they brought a large basket, stuffed with goodies for the trip: suckers for kids, granola bite snacks, and a pineapple.

Then, as Laura unloaded the top layer of the basket, she grinned and turned the basket on its side to let me see.

“The fruit!” I said.

The basket was filled with bananas, oranges, apples, and pears.

How perfect.

How perfect!

God is so in the details.

The Williams wondered why we were so excited over a basket of fruit. Then we told them about our list.

Fruit: check

While they were visiting, I noticed a little white envelope stuck in the side of the basket.

I wonder if that’s the insurance payment.

Surely not…the insurance payment was a large sum!

After they left, I opened the envelope to find a card and enough money to cover the insurance payment and more.

We were amazed again.

No one knew what we needed, but God used a piano student’s mother, a tire repairman, a friend with too much cat food, and the neighbors down the road to provide what we needed…and, this time, what we wanted as well.

They were all willing but unknowing servants to His sovereignty.

Crazy provisions.

Crazy God.

Thursday morning, on our way out of town, we deposited the money from the Williams. I paid the insurance over the phone.

Car Insurance: CHECK!

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