Crazy God EXTRA: Premeditated Money

Here is a story from our last 5 years that couldn’t fit in The Crazy God Story blog series…


December 2011, just after “The Secret Checklist” story…


We had a $5000 bill from the grain company.

Two months overdue.

By the middle of December we had only been able to pay $1200 of it. We also had $900 in pediatric dental expenses due.

$4700 in bills.

We had next-to-nothing in the bank.

No way of paying the bill.

We prayed, didn’t tell anyone, and waited.

During those “Waiting Years,” I prayed a lot. When you are stressed and pressed, you do.

Every other breath was a prayer, it seemed.

The kids had gotten used to me praying out loud and without warning.

It went something like this:

DADDY: Lord, what do we do?

BOY: What?


BOY: Oh, you were praying again…

I reminded the Lord often about that grain bill.

And the dentist bill.

I only talked with Him about it. No one else knew how little we had and how much we owed.


Then, we got a call from Laura’s mom. Laura’s grandfather, Papa, had seen a few bad years of health, and his children were getting property business in order.

Back in 2004, Laura’s grandparents generously gave us 2 acres of land. We began the house-building process, but only invested $5000 in dirt work and other improvements before the process slowed to a stop. Then, God blessed us with a house and land 10 minutes away. We had done nothing with the two acres since.

Papa’s children wanted to know, if we didn’t have plans for the land, would we sell it back to Papa so all his land would be together, making it easier for them to manage?

We wouldn’t sell it, but we were glad to give it back. No hesitation or need for discussion on our part.

But they offered to pay us – not for the land, but for the improvements we had done nearly a decade earlier. We insisted that we not be paid.

They cut us a check anyway.

We needed $4700 to pay the grain company and dental bills.

And what do you think was the check amount?


… as much as we needed plus extra for food and regular bills.

And the funny thing was, although we were two months late, the grain company didn’t contact us about payment until AFTER the family told us they were sending the check. We were able to promise the company payment, and they were happy.


For the umpteenth time, God had provided.

And with such prior planning.

Premeditated provision!

He hatched a plan in 2004 to provide for us in 2011. He had us invest $5000 into the land but no more.   Then He let it rest for 7 years. When the time was right, He cashed in on those investments the exact week we needed it.

What forethought in our direction.

What follow-through.

What impeccable timing.

What a crazy and wonderful God.

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