“So, When Are You Moving?” (OR “The Money Blog”)

This year’s ornament from my MIL. (Slightly photo-bombed by Mexican Lego man.)


“Have you moved yet?”  “So, when are you moving?” 

Questions asked recently.

In short, we will move to east TN as soon as the $8000 needed to move is raised and God gives us the final “go-ahead” in our spirits.  Scroll down for a list of what is needed, both for the move and for living in east TN.

Any size donation — $10, $25, $5 — is great.

As big as $8000 is, if 100 people each gave $20/week for the month of January, we could be off to TN in February!

To give, visit our donate page to give online or through the mail.

The End.


NOT-AS-SHORT BLOG ANSWER (for inquiring minds):

During the last five Waiting Years, God has asked us to give up our good-paying job, savings, retirement, and house and land.  Ha!  So, we have nothing left!

He has provided work here in Louisiana the last two years but just for our week by week expenses.

We don’t have money for the move…yet.

During the Waiting Years we never asked anyone for money nor told what we needed.  We went “George Muller” style.  And He provided.

But this time, He’s doing it differently.  We are to tell folks what our needs are. (Which makes me ever-so-slightly uncomfortable.)

It’s the “Part and Part” plan.  He wants me to work to provide for part of our needs.  And He wants His people to fund our move and part of our monthly expenses.

He gave me Paul’s letter to the Corinthians (2 Cor. 11:7-12).  Paul didn’t want anyone saying he brought the gospel to gain from the people he came to reach.  He even felt as though he “robbed” other churches to bring the gospel to Corinth free of charge.

“I robbed other churches by accepting support from them in order to serve you.  When I was with you and was in need, I did not burden anyone, for the brothers who came from Macedonia supplied my need.  So I refrained and will refrain from burdening you in any way.”   (2 Cor. 11:9)

Like Paul, we don’t want to take money from anyone we take the gospel to.

We want them to see we are motivated only by a desire for them to know God…free and clear.

So, we are praying for God to bring folks alongside us who will give, either one time or monthly, to support what He’s going to do in east TN.

(And, gratefully, we already have one church committed to supporting us however the Lord leads.  So good to see Him providing already…)

In case someone wonders, we have not and do not receive government assistance.  Nor are we funded by a missionary-sending organization.

Below is a list of our moving expenses and what we feel is a healthy, basic budget for us.

So when are we moving?!

As soon as the Lord gives us the $8000 to move and the final “go-ahead” in our spirits.  (We do not need to wait until the money for our monthly expenses in hand nor pledged.)

To give, visit our donate page to give online or through the mail.

We look forward to seeing Him provide!  Yee-ha!


1.  Moving & one-time setup expenses – $8000

This includes:

  • moving truck
  • gas
  • hotel
  • driver’s license & car tags
  • Davy scout-out trip to find rent house
  • house rental deposit
  • stocking house with basic food & supplies
  • one month’s living expenses
  • a little extra cushion for the unexpected

2.  Half of our living expenses – $1800/month (Our monthly expenses are estimated at $3600, about $600/month over the poverty line for a family of 7; also, we are praying for part-time work for the other $1800/month)

This includes:

  • Food (on national average, for a family of 7, we eat at the “thrifty” level)
  • Rent
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Health insurance (highest deductible, lowest monthly rate)
  • Gas
  • Car insurance (right now- liability only)
  • Cell phones (flip phones, basic plan)
  • Internet
  • Dr. visits (estimated as if one per family member per year)
  • Medicine/herbs
  • Clothing/shoes (less than $10 per person each month)
  • Homeschooling
  • Car maintenance and repair
  • Two trips per year to visit family

I include all the “poverty line” comments and other justifications to show that we do not live extravagantly, by American standards anyway.  We feel this budget is what we need to live at a healthy level.

3.  Other things that would make life more productive or comfortable  (we have use of most these now living with Laura’s parents, but since they won’t be moving with us…) –

  • Laptop computer for homeschooling/work/ministry
  • 4 dining chairs or a bench
  • 1-3 twin mattresses
  • Van repair or a van for 7-8 people (ha! I know this one’s big, but, hey, you never know what the Lord will provide…)



To give, visit our donate page to give online or through the mail.


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