March = Give. April = Move!

Our goals and time frame for moving to Colorado for a year of training!  This will allow Davy to learn to run a nonprofit mission and learn alongside other missionaries before we move to TN.

Our goals:

  • $1500 to relocate ($3500 of $5000 received)
  • 96 monthly pledges of $25 (24 of 120 already filled) to supplement part-time jobs.
  • Raise funds by end of March 2015 and move to CO by mid-April

You can commit to more than one $25 pledge or give less.  One family we know cannot give $25 per month but want to be a part of what God is doing.  But they are determined to give and committed $10 per month.  “That’s just giving up a few bags of chips.  We can do that.”  How great.

For some folks, the $25 per month means giving up one “out to eat” each month.  Or one fast food meal each week.

I say this to show that every little bit helps tremendously.  And sometimes the help you can give doesn’t require giving up too much but can make a big difference on the other end.

God is in charge of providing the funds we need to obey Him.  Please check with Him to see if He wants you to give.

The mission center would like us there by May and our family is needing a home and routine.  In light of these things, the end of March is our fund raising goal.

The Funderburks
The Funderburks.

Thank you for your support in praying for us and keeping up with us!  We are chompin’ at the bits to relocate to CO and get started.  We’re looking forward to seeing what God has been leading up to for 5+ years!







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