Training for Tennessee at Colorado Mission Center

We have enjoyed visiting and laughing with old friends this month and sharing our story.  We have been overwhelmed by their support and encouragement.  It is has been good for us and has come along just when we needed it most.  (You know who you are.  Thanks for stepping out in faith with us, watching our God expectantly!)

New Castle, CO

God has provided a tailor-made learning experience to prepare us for ministry in Tennessee:  we are going to spend one year training with Advance Him, a missionary organization, in New Castle, Colorado.  Friends of ours have return from 3 years of sharing Christ with the Karamojong tribe in Uganda, Africa.  (  We have watched them spread the gospel in Africa in the most real and effective way we’ve ever seen.  They are back home in Colorado now andKenneth has become director of Advance Him.  They have warmly welcomed us to walk alongside them as they share the gospel and serve River Churches and then support us as we set up life in Tennessee.

Part of Davy’s training will also be serving as Assistant Director of Operations at the River Center in New Castle (a community based mission center for meeting needs.)

River Center serves as a connection in their community between those who “have” and want to share and those who need.  We are excited about this opportunity to learn how to show the love of Christ this way!  Davy will learn how to  direct a nonprofit ministry, work with those in need, connect resources in the community to the people who need them, work with volunteers and community officials, write grants, etc.  River Center is also hoping to expand their community garden.  Those who know Davy know that will be right up his alley…just a little extra detail the Lord worked into this plan.

Community Garden at River Center


During our year in CO, we will be seeking the Lord for further direction for us in northeast TN.  Over the last several years we have wondered if we would start a nonprofit mission one day.  And now, considering the training experience He is giving us, we wonder if He is preparing us to start a nonprofit in TN similar to Colorado’s River Center.

He will lead.  We will continue to obey and just enjoy Him as He gives us direction for TN.

But for this year, our destination is Colorado.  River Center would like us there by May for their community garden efforts.  Davy would like to move in April.  If the Lord is leading you to support us, you can learn how to give here.

We would also love to meet with you face to face if your church or small group is interested in supporting us or hearing more of our story.  Contact us so we visit with you in March before we head out to Colorado!

Laura (and Davy)


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