Fit2B Give Away

A chance to win a one year membership ($120 value) to an awesome online fitness site for women!Fit2B studio

Fit2B by Beth Learn and her team has donated a one year membership to help us raise funds to train in Colorado at the River Center mission center.  How nice is that!?

But we can’t legally raffle it across states, so we’re giving it away!  For a chance to win, just answer our fun question below. (No purchase necessary.)

But if you’d like to help us reach our goal and donate a few bucks (say, $2) to our moving fund, we’d appreciate it!  Donate here.

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More about Fit2B by Beth Learn and her team…

Here is Laura’s personal review of Fit2B.  You might like it if you:

  • want a fitness instructor who, rather than being focused on “looking sexy”, is down to earth, positive and focused on helping you be healthier, stronger and “fit to be”: a mom who can play and run with her kids…a Nana who can get on the floor and play with the grandkids…a woman who can continue to work her job…fill in the blank for your own goal here, folks!
  • are a pregnant mom or were at one time a pregnant mom (even 30 years post birth!).  It’s especially great for protecting and even healing a common, though unknown, issue called Diastasis Recti (separating tummy muscles that leave you with a belly pooch).  Learn more and test yourself here:

    If you have a tummy pooch that won’t go away… If your belly button mysteriously became an outie when it was always an innie… If your lower back always bothers you, or you constantly “throw your back out”… If you pee your pants every time you sneeze, cough, laugh, stand up, sit down… If you’ve ever been pregnant… If you always feel like a weak noodle while walking around…

  • need a gentle, strength-building program due to weak or injured knees, shoulders, back, or neck.  Beth has learned a lot from a physical therapist (who is also her friend) to bring safe alternative movements into the videos
  • want to focus on core strength and flexibility first and add other important areas, like arms and legs, alongside.  Pilates and yoga moves are commonly used.
  • like some variety.  Pilates, yoga, tabata, kettle ball… Multiple video “pathways” to choose: beginner, advanced, abs, legs, arms, quick workouts, relaxation, etc…
  • don’t like to go (or can’t seem to make it) to the gym OR like working out in the privacy of your own home OR want the flexibility of working out at your convenience
  • want a modest instructor and not a sexy instructor on your tv or computer for all the family to watch.  Beth keeps it modest!
  • like to share things with the whole family….all at the same price.  Though geared to women, men have found it helpful and healing and there are videos made especially for the kiddos!
  • want a place to ask questions and have discussions because fit2be has a lively facebook and MeWe group and an online forum
  • want something affordable!
  • like supporting small home based, family run businesses with excellent customer service because that’s what this is!  Beth Learn (wife & mom of 2) shoots most of these videos in her own home with her videographer (with the occasional kid noises in the background and the cat coming in for a visit every now and then).  The business has grown over the last few years and is now supporting a few families and has clients all over the world.

It’s amazing how the simplest and gentlest moves can build so much strength and make you feel so good.  You will want to add cardio exercises for a full workout program…walking, running, biking, chasing kids (ahem), housecleaning, etc.  And you will need a gym if you want and extra dose of “iron”. offers fitness videos to build strength, flexibility, positive attitude, and knowledge.

Enter for a chance to win (SEE ABOVE)!  Donate and help us raise funds for our mission training in Colorado!  Then check out their website for more information.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

(Fit2B membership given to Sulphur Christian Community Coalition, Sulphur, LA, to help us raise funds.)


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