House in hand and headed out

After a bit of a challenging search, the Lord has provided a rent house for our year in CO.  It’s a beautiful place in Silt, CO, a small town 10 minutes from the River Center where I will be working.  The place is a bit in the country with good neighbors and some outside space (a novelty among rent houses there).  And with well water (no water bill) and solar panels (less expensive electricity bill), we are grateful.  The Lord has been very kind.

So, with house in hand, we are packing up.  We plan to head out this Thursday, April 30, and, taking travel slowly, we plan to arrive in CO next weekend, May 3.

I hope to start at River Center the week we arrive.

I’m amazed at the Lord’s impeccable timing in pulling this together at the last minute so I can start at River Center at the beginning of May, like I hoped.

Thank you for your financial support and prayer.  So glad you’re in this with us!

Packing and packing,

Davy, Laura, and the FunderTots


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