Surreal but Real

Wearing long-sleeves in May is definitely not our norm.  Kinda surreal.  Walking outside to mountains in all directions.  Kinda surreal, too.  And standing here on the other side of God’s provision that brought us from zero to transplanted in CO for a year of training is…well, surreal.  🙂

Just in the last month, we have seen the Father provide so much.

He topped off the last of the monthly and relocation funding we needed.

Then, just a few days before the move, He provided a new-to-us used van to replace our 16 year old 200,000 mile van.  Someone found out that our van needed quite a few repairs and bought us a wonderful, much-appreciated van!  (That’s surreal, too.)

Then He gave us a great few days of travel, through interesting bouts of heavy rain, hail, and even a little snow.  And the Penske truck with transmission problems ka-chugged us safely to Silt, CO, our new and temporary home.

Then He provided a rent house when affordable housing for our size family IMG_9096[1]was scarce.  (When I mentioned to any property manager that we were a family of 7, they all but hung up on me! 🙂 )  But the Lord provided a house anyway.  We signed the lease having only seen pictures.  After we arrived, we realized what a perfect house this was for us…long driveway for bike rides, lots of storage, a country setting with neighbors who have horses and cows, landlords who have four children themselves and chose us to be their tenants BECAUSE we were a family…they even turned down cash offers from folks they met so they could rent to us sight-unseen.  Pretty obviously God, huh?  This precise provision gives us even more confidence that this move to CO is the Lord’s doing.

I spent last week shadowing Lee Price, the director of the River Center.  IMG_9113[1]Lee loves Jesus and people.  I am already benefiting from his example of compassion for the poor, respect for the volunteers who give time and money to meet needs around them, peacemaking while standing for truth in the church, and humbly leading a nonprofit ministry.  I will be taking on some of his responsibilities at the River Center.

This past weekend, our friend Kenneth Williams & other Advance Him folk IMG_9107[2]had a training session for the leaders in the network of churches here.  Laura and I are grateful to be here learning with these guys who are “the real deal” in their faith and love for Jesus and community.

It’s great to know we are right where we are supposed to be, while at the same time, having our eyes still on far east TN as the final destination.

Laura and I are praying and watching to see what direction the Lord leads us for other work this year.  I have 5 piano students so far and hope to advertise for more.  We are looking into everything from landscape and lawn care jobs to selling at the farmer’s markets.

When you think of us, please pray for the jobs we need to provide the other half of our income.  And pray that I will be a help here in the ministries and quickly grasp all the “new.”  🙂

Watching and learning,

Davy (and Laura and the FunderBots)