September Snapshots

We realized this month that we’ve been “waiting” or “out here” on this crazy journey for almost half our marriage.  For half of our oldest son’s life.  For most of the next two.  And for all of the last two.  Woah.

September was quite full and good, and you probably wouldn’t have time to read all the stories I could tell!  So, here are some snapshots…

Feed My Sheep

I spent two days a week all September trying to help at Feed My Sheep, a Christian-run homeless shelter in nearby Glenwood Springs.  I say “trying” to help because they didn’t really need my help.  🙂  I thought I would be able to help clean the place or help keep order or…something!  This shelter, tucked away in the basement of an old, Catholic Charities building, runs like a well-oiled…well, family.  Mike and Karen, who head the place, and Jeff, who keeps things running, do a remarkable job.

Honestly, based on the hear-say and TV I’ve seen in my life, I thought homeless folk were dirty, stinky, off-their-rocker, and would swipe you clean if given half a chance.  Well, they are dirty, stinky, and some think a little differently, but that’s before a hot shower at Feed My Sheep.  Afterward, they still think differently but are treated with love and respect and kindness.  And, as a result, Feed My Sheep is a super-clean, organized, and safe place with men who, when lining up for lunch, allow the ladies to go first, say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, and offer one another their left-over sandwich bits.  Each person who comes downstairs signs in, washes his hands, and commits to a chore, whether it be sweeping, mopping, cleaning up lunch, whatever.  And this year, Feed My Sheep has been able to find affordable homes for 19 of their guys, giving them a good start with a bed, dresser, and pots and pans.

Karen reads scripture each day before lunch and prays with and for those waiting to eat.  Her husband, Mike, leads a church in the shelter on Sundays.

Appalachia Team

We’ve begun praying for a team…another family or individual, or more…whom God will call to go to Appalachia with us.  They will be our friends, community, prayer partners, and encouragement, and we’ll be the same for them.

Obviously, God is wanting to provide this.  During the last 3 weeks, four people (plus Laura and I) have sensed, each individually, that God wants us to begin praying for a team.  So, we look forward to seeing God do it.


Our Father has been faithful to continue to provide for us, even weekly.  He has brought along 2 new piano students, bringing us up to 8 students…which was our goal.

He’s been faithful to bring me work Thursday and Friday each week.  About 7 weeks ago, while I was praying semi-frantically, “Lord, what do You want us to do to make money on Thursdays and Fridays.  What do You want us to do to make money Thursdays and Fridays.”  He challenged both Laura and I separately to simply ask, “What do You want us to do?”  We are to ask Him what He wants us to do, whether it makes money or not.  When I get stressed about finances, I am to thank Him that He knows what we need and remember Him and all He’s done.  Since that challenge, He has been faithful to provide work each week.  The day I didn’t have work, I was able to do some work on our vehicles, saving us money.

I also recently learned that a church who helped launch us up to Colorado is planning to support us monthly as well.  I did not expect that.  How grateful we are that our Father sees and provides in good time.

The Gospel and how to do what He’s calling us to…

God taught me a lot recently about the importance of the gospel.  When I asked Him for a purpose for our family, He said it was to tell the gospel.  I’m asking Him to show us specifically how our family can do that.  This fits nicely with the promises He’s given us about Appalachia.

He has also begun a conversation on how to live this life He’s called us to.  In short, we (and all believers) live out what God calls us to do through…the power of Christ in us.  I know, pretty obvious, I guess.  But there’s more to this I want to learn.  I’m asking Him to teach me more.


After several years of the Lord allowing me to learn and re-learn about worship from the sidelines, recently He’s allowed me to lead worship quite a lot.  And I’ve loved it.  He’s taught and continues to teach me much about music and worship and what He likes and doesn’t. 🙂  I’m especially enjoying the meetings where almost everyone has something to bring…a song, a scripture, a prayer, an encouragement.   It reminds me of 1 Corinthians 14:26 (except without the trouble Paul was having.)


I’m learning the importance of prayer being the first step in any direction.  If you think about us, please pray with us:

  • for connections in Appalachia – people with whom we can connect and gain insight and acceptance into the community there
  • for a team for Appalachia
  • about a small, online art business we’re prayerfully moving forward on.   We would be selling my watercolor artwork through prints, originals, PDF printables…we’ll have more to say on this later, hopefully.
  • for a newfound friend of mine to know he was created by God and can have life here and forever through Christ.

We are grateful and honored that, almost six months since coming to Colorado, so many of you support us, pray for us, and send us encouraging notes.  I pray that our good Father return the kindness and multiply it back to you.

Love to you and your families!

Davy & Laura & the FunderBots


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