Leaving on a jet plane Sunday.

Sunday evening, Lee, Kenneth, and I leave for east TN.  We’ll join Glen and Steven (a new friend, young fella, loves Jesus) in TN.  We’ll have two days (Tuesday and Wednesday) to pray, meet with people, and listen to the Lord.

I asked the Lord for favor in being able to connect with ministry-minded folks in TN while we’re there.  He gave favor.

We have meetings scheduled with several people, from a young missionary/pastor praying for folks to join him to two directors of missions of Southern Baptist associations.  We will also get to tour a benevolent ministry with a heart for the poor, out of which grew a church to the poorest of the poor in their town.

I’m grateful for the doors the Lord is cracking open and will continue to open over the next few days.

While I’m grateful for these meetings, I’m not looking to these folks to give direction.  We’re meeting with these folks…listening for the Lord.

What are we asking Him for?

I am praying for a zip code…praying that the Lord will show us which community we’re supposed to join.

I’m also praying He’ll begin to tell us more specifically what we are going to do there…how we’re going to bring the gospel.

Would you mind praying for the Lord to speak Tuesday and Wednesday?



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