The Plan for Moving in June

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Unbelievably, it’s been almost a year since we moved to Colorado to learn from this loving and God-following community of churches and the Advance Him missionary team.

And it’s been almost 7 years since God called us into this crazy journey of faith.  (read Crazy God Story).

Now it’s time for us to move to northeast Tennessee and take what we’ve learned with us.


In short, we will do whatever Jesus says.  

The Lord has spoken clearly that our purpose is to share the gospel of Christ (Acts 26:18), not only for salvation, but how it affects our everyday lives.  We expect to do this through relationships, one on one or in small groups.  We want to see folks know Jesus and follow Him, be a part of a community of believers (church), and disciple others themselves.  This “community of believers” may be a local church where they already have connections, or it may be a new body of believers (church) that meets in the houses of those involved.  We also want to partner with, pray with, and encourage other leaders and churches in the area who have similar hearts.

Our first year, our focus will be to get to know the people and culture of the communities.  We plan to volunteer at ministries such as food banks and apartment outreaches, volunteer with town & community events, pray with church leaders, and/or help lead worship wherever I can.   As we settle in the first year, we expect God to give us more insight and direction for the future.

In short, we will do whatever Jesus says.

Logistically, half our work-week will be in ministry (as described above) as a missionary of Advance Him, the other half in growing our businesses of selling pralines, teaching piano lessons, and/or landscaping, as well as developing our new art biz, Mud & Daisy.  We will focus on whichever business(es) do best and support our family and ministry goals.


We plan to move this June.


  • $6500 for one-time moving expenses
  • $2000 in monthly support, including ministry expenses ($900/mo is already committed for the coming 2016-2017 year!)
  • We hope to reach these goals by the end of May


We do not plan on it.  The Lord has not spoken directly yet, but it seems good in our minds to grow our businesses, keep living expenses down, and be at least 80% self-sustaining in 3-5 years, while continuing to commit half our time to ministry and keeping that as our primary focus.  Our long-term goal is complete sustainability.  For now, with monthly support, those businesses have time to grow to make us self-sustainable and still allow us time to develop relationships in the community to grow His kingdom.


You can pray like a maniac with us!  Pray for financial provision to move and settle in TN, open doors into the lives of the lost and those yearning to walk with Christ, and that God would continue to “go ahead” of us in prepping people there for whatever He wants to do in their lives.

You can give one time or monthly for a year.  And you can give as much or as little as you like.  See our Give page for more details.