Coming Blog Series & Specs



Mr. Silas and I



We want to start, little by little, as the move gets closer, communicating more of what is in our hearts these days…what the Lord has taught over the last 7 years of craziness and how that affects what we dream of Him doing in Tennessee.

It’s exciting stuff.  Life-changing stuff for us and, we believe, those whom God puts in our lives in Appalachia.

We bet you’ll like it, too.

So, we’ll start that soon.


Prayer for provision for the move is full-on!

Moving/Settling Expenses:  $6500 needed – $2600 promised = $3900 to go

Monthly Support: $2000 needed – $1150 promised = $850/mo to go


Some folks enjoy giving to or praying for a specific need.  Here are some specific needs (and hopes) that aren’t yet met, both financial and prayer.  If you commit to any of these giving/prayer needs, please contact us and let us know which one(s) specifically.


  • a team in TN: like-minded families/individuals who want to see the Kingdom grow
  • open doors into the community
  • open doors into people’s lives as we immerse ourselves in the community
  • success/favor in praline and art businesses (see below)
  • the right house in the right rural community
  • for God to connect us with the “lost sheep” of the community
  • Provision for moving, settling, ministry, businesses, giving, and living.


  • Moving Truck Rental, cross-country: $2100
  • hotels, 3 nights: $180
  • Gas: $500 moving truck/$200 van
  • Meals: $140


  • Keyboard: $1300 or used keyboard equivalent to Yamaha P-255 for worship/music at church gatherings, coffeeshops, backyards, wherever.


Our businesses we are growing for ministry opportunities and sustainability for our family (fancy term for giving or investing in such as this is “Impact Investments”):

  • Pralines: $600 (printed packaging, equipment, licenses/permits/inspections in TN)
  • Mud & Daisy (art): $300 – frames to sell artwork in stores; updated printer – $1200.
  • Wholesale plant nursery: nothing needed yet; just dreaming and exploring


We are excited about getting settled in TN and seeing what our Father has up His sleeve.  Love and appreciate you folks!

Davy & Laura & the FunderPray-ers






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