Moving Update & 2 Great Guys


With donations that have been promised, we have gone BEYOND meeting the moving goal!  Unreal.  This is our last week here.  We plan to drive away on May 31st.

Moving Expenses:  GOAL OVER-MET!  Woohoo!

Monthly Support:  $2000/mo needed – $1325/mo committed = $675/mo still needed


Weekly video-chat with Mr. Kenny.

Mr. Kenny Moore is a 75-year-old phenomenon, retired Director of Missions for the Colorado Southern Baptists.  He leads horse-back hunting expeditions in the Rockies, competes with his dog in agility contests (his dog competes, not him), and he loves to talk about what Jesus has done.  We especially spend a lot of time talking about who we are in Christ (see “Dead & Alive” blog.)  He is a great mentor to me, and I am grateful our weekly conversations will continue in Tennessee.

My friend Chris

Chris Hartman is a man prepared.  He loves gear…outdoor, camping, adventure-type gear.  And He loves Jesus.  He’s an apprentice with Advance Him, like we are (were), and he and I met each week to read the Bible & pray together.  Great guy.  As part of his apprenticeship, he just moved to Uganda for 6 months, and he asked me to be his Advance Him “mentor.”  Boy, was I honored.  Before he left, we made a deal to trade work: I would create a painting for him, he would create a leather journal for me.  Super-great!

My side of the bargain: a painting for Chris using Mountain Mama coffee
Chris’ side of the deal: a leather journal for me (with an east African coin enclosure.  What?!)  How great!









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