…last blog for a while…

Well, this will be the last blog for a while.

We created this blog to tell The Crazy God Story of our Waiting Years (2009-2014) and our transition to Tennessee (by way of Colorado).  Now, the stories of what God is doing also include personal stories of folks in the area…and those aren’t ours to put in a blog. 🙂

So, we’ll hang up the blog for now.


God continues to keep us totally dependent on Him, and, one day, we’ll be able to blog the family stories that can’t be told yet becausethey aren’t finished.  But, to tell the truth, are just as fantastic as those already told.

As it stands this March of 2018, we’ve been in TN a year and a half.  We have a small sweet shop (Downtown Sweet) in historic downtown Jonesborough, TN, where we sell pralines & chocolate and I teach piano lessons.  I’m also doing some gardening jobs (my dream job).  We meet with a little church

worship time upstairs at the shop

that started upstairs in our shop and work with other churches and leaders in the area.  We are seeing God work in many lives.  We still homeschool, the kids have made friends, & Laura is doing some doula work & childbirth classes.  We’re now praying/working on getting our own home, a step that I feel will help us settle and rest better.

Our only big plan is to continue to follow Jesus as He leads us day by as He always has.

As He does or will with you.

He’s good to know.  He’ll surprise you.

And sometimes you’ll think you’re crazy.

Then you realize HE’s crazy.  🙂  Out of our box.  And you’ll love Him for it.


’Til more stories are complete and can be told!

–Davy, Laura, & the FunderKids